Friday, May 04, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  From May 7th to 20th, 4 X 6 photo prints at Costco are 8 cents each!  Time to print a whole bunch of photos.

2.  I am covering a medical leave at the high school for 7 days - and it's challenging but rewarding too.  The grade 9's are getting ready to do the writing component of their provincial achievement testing in 11 days so we are very busy!

3.  Take this little quiz to find out more about the kind of container gardens you might enjoy planting!

4.  We've had some showers this week, the sun has shone and now things are starting to grow!  Buds popping out, grass turning green, fruit tree blossoms growing - yeah!

5.  My favourite little local greenhouse, Sprouts, just re-opened this week and I think a visit over there will be just the right therapy for this weekend :)  I hope you find something fun to do too!

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