Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello, warm weather - I'm so glad you have finally arrived!

Hello capris and sandals.

Hello kids' wading pool - you are going to be well-loved.

Hello day and a half of subbing back in elementary school.

Hello favourite greenhouse.

Hello plants - I hope you will enjoy your new home in my pots.

Hello buds and blooms on apples and maydays and saskatoons.

Hello shovel - time to dig some flower beds.

Hello garden soil and seeds.

Hello seed drills - you are going to be kept busy in the field this week.

Hello lawn mower - your winter rest is over!

Hello phone - I'm keeping you close in case you bring a much-anticipated call.

Hello tomato plants - it's time to transplant you again.

Hello bigger pots - where are you hiding?  I desperately need more of you.

Hello first long weekend of the summer!


  1. It sounds like a great week, with lots of spring time things to do, and plant and transplant. Your greenhouse looks awesome. Thanks for the video tour yesterday. Enjoy your time back in Elementary school. How was the jr. and sr. high subbing? And, would you mind sending a little of that sun and warm weather this way this week. It's been a little too long with the rain over here.

  2. sounds like you made a trip to the greenhouse this weekend! i'm curious what all you bought. :)