Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creating - 30 Days of Lists project

Here are the last of the pages that I did for the 30 Days of Lists project.  I love how these lists show a little of who I am and what's important to me.  I wish I had a little treasure book like this from one of my grandmothers!

Day 25 - The Title of My Autobiography

- She Loved Colour
- Tales of a Travelling Gramma
- Life and Times of the Teacher and the Farmer
- Gardens and Greenhouses After 50
- God, Grandkids and the Good Life
- Finding Your Creative Side - It's Never Too Late!
- Life Is a Pan of Brownies (with kudos to Erma Bombeck)
- I Never Dreamt It Would Be This Amazing
- Lessons from a Perfectly Ordinary Woman

Day #26 - My Morning Routine

1.  Hit the snooze button on the clock radio repeatedly.
2.  Get up at the last possible moment.
3.  Brush teeth while filling kettle with water for tea.
4.  Shower and dry.
5.  Towel dry hair, apply styling cream.
6.  Put Oil of Olay moisturizer on face.
7.  Make a pot of Sweet Wild Orange Tazo tea.
8.  Get dressed (outfit laid out before going to bed last night).
9.  Dry hair - which takes longer now that I've grown this bob.
10.  Style hair, lightly gel and spray.
11.  Go back to bedroom for earrings, jewellery or scarf and watch.
12.  Grab lunch (waiting in the fridge since last night), tea and breakfast (a muffin, sliced cheddar cheese and banana).
13.  Head out to school     UNLESS . . . .
I'm not working.  Then - stay in bed and read until 8:30 a.m. :)

Day 27 - If I Could Do It Over 

I would take more pictures of our everydays when our children were growing up.  What was I thinking to take our children's first photos when they were 10 days old??!!  What about all the newborn details or in the hospital or us as a family?  Moments gone forever.  I am so happy that our kids are doing better!
I would play more and stress less about the house (and hire a housekeeper much earlier on!).  I would read even more stories to our children as toddlers.  I would invite my parents to come and be part of the "doing" years.  I would travel more in Alberta with our kids, including lots of camping.  
I would go to every single trackmeet, volleyball and basketball game, hockey tournament, swim meet and school dance.  I would have kept up the figure skating lessons, gymnastics club, swim club and added dance classes for our girls.

Day #28 - Favourite Foods (actual title was Food for My Last Meal)

- pizza, vegetarian or shrmp and mushroom
-  nachos and cheese 
- salad with nuts, cheese and berries
- pumpkin soup
- raspberry or lemon cheesecake
- shrimp dip on crackers or toast
- brownies
- berries with brown sugar and cream
- chai latte'
- Mom's apple pie
- perogies
- iced tea
- Greek lemon yogurt
- dill pickles
- sweet potato fries
- poutine
- sauerkraut and pork ribs on mashed potatoes
- waffles with whipped cream and berries
- bacon
- baked ham
(and I could go on!)

Day #29 - Songs That Make Me Want to Dance

- anything by the Beach Boys
- rock and roll oldies
- country and western song
- sound tracks from musicals like RENT,  Miss Saigon, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, CATS, The Phantom of the Opera
- shautesse and heel 'n toe polka music
- old time waltz music
- songs from my younger days

Day #30 - Letter to Myself

Dear Future Self,
You did the right thing when you decided to retire.  The time you are spending with your grandchildren is precious, beyond anything else you could be doing.  And you have more little ones coming to also treasure.   Offer continually to be a part of their lives and support your children as they parent these little ones.  
Continue to start your day with God and lean on His word and guidance.  Enjoy the beauty He has created and the opportunities He puts in your path.  Remember He has designed you for a purpose - don't waste your one wild and precious life.  You are blessed!

I absolutely loved this project and the lists that I've recorded.  You should try it in September!


  1. These snippets have been so fun to read. I love the one about your favourite music. I remember going to community centre dances and weddings and watching you and Dad dance. It's such a great memory of your two. And I think you've found the perfect titles for your autobiography. Miss you lots. See you soon!

  2. Love this post and your lists. I especially love the things I would do over. It's great for us young moms to hear these things and to get perspective on what's most important and how fast it goes by. You are such an inspiration to all who read your blog and you are such a great mom and gramma!

  3. what a fun thing to do. it will be so neat to look back on these lists one day. :)

  4. Please poke me when September comes, Crystal, to remind me about it. I have LOVED all your entries and the way you have fashioned your book.