Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  For Moms - who do their best everyday!  I love that the Olympic ads have begun.

2.  I have potatoes left to plant but the rest of the vegetable seeds are all in the ground.  Three days of rain just after I finished planting were perfect.

3.  After many years of not using our chicken coop, we put it back in operation this year.  200 little bits of fluffy yellow have come to live at our farm - much to Miss M's delight!  She was right into taking care of them yesterday, even catching and checking those she thought needed special attention.  Mr. B, on the other hand, was happy to stay on the other side of the box fence :) but he loved filling the feed dishes.  I'm glad we have some animals on the farm for the grandkids to experience again.  Something about Gramma and Grampa's farm without animals just doesn't seem right!

4.  And on that note - I think we need to get some kittens :))

5.  Tomorrow is grass cutting day - or perhaps I should say hay making!  Rain + sun = major growth!


  1. I love the ads too - they are wonderful, aren't they?! So what about a few sheep? A cow? Llama? You could spin the wool!!

  2. 200 fluffs? You are jumping in deep! I love my little peeps.

    Thanks for visiting. The neighbors are harvesting their Canola...first for planting it around here.