Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

 #4176 - #4206

- fresh, crisp green grapes
- playing games
- teachers supporting each other
- planning for summer activities
- rose blooming 

- turkey taco salad for lunch
- new books for little ones
- three day gentle rains
- outside recess on a sunny day
- green leaves in so many shades, shapes and sizes

- moving a little desk right beside mine - and finally getting him to work!
- freshly mowed lawn
- the fresh smell of a spring morning
- reading my book on the patio in the sunshine
- Chinese food for supper

- a full table at meal time
- leather work gloves, holes and all
- clean folded laundry 
- questions and whispers about 'farmer girls'
- little helpers in the chicken house

- red flame banners
- reading stories together
- grade ones diligent in their tasks
- finding new potatoes underneath
- pansies blooming

- sleeping in!
- sitting and letting the memories come
- scent of lilacs just opening
- phone calls
- family photos

- hymns sung in harmony
- all the beauty that He created
- my place in this amazing world
- reading His words
- the gift of His son for my life with Him

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