Friday, May 11, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Based on Ann's link earlier this week, I found this wonderful 5 part series, "A Praying Mom" by Courtney at Lil Light of Mine.   Oh, it's good reading and full of wonderful ideas.  You must check it out!

2.  So clever - 7 Motherhood Ideas that I Love - for inspiration and ideas to try, even if your kids are bigger.

3.  Three days of babysitting and seven days of teaching junior and senior high students has been a long stretch of busy days!  I think I need a rest :)

4.  My sister and I have a long tradition of spending time with my Mom around Mother's Day so we are taking her to see a play about mothers tonight.  I hear the play is hilarious and I know we will enjoy each other's company.

5.  I think this Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub from Under the Table and Dreaming would make a wonderful little Mother's Day gift.  I'm sure it smells divine!

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