Monday, May 14, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4091 - #4141

- dark brown leather couches
- sun streaming in the bow window
- little blue table with embroidered cloth
- vases for fresh flowers
- fresh flowers for vases :)

- hot and cold running water
- our appliances
- clean pants
- summer sweaters
- scarves

- amber earrings, a gift from Mel & Tyler when they were in Poland
- fancy dresses hanging in the back of the closet
- sweet potato - bean burgers
- "waiting for baby" updates
- pictures books and helpful librarians

- plants rooting and settling in to grow
- still firm and crisp potatoes from last year's crop
- uninterrupted sleep
- swings and trampolines
- 'let's pretend' games

- wrestling
- how strong little people are!
- lemon squares
- meals in the crockpot
- paycheques

- Mother's Day gifts to give
- my parents and their strong and deep faith
- the open door that my parents have on their home
- that my parents are still so very independent
- pepper transplants

- good books to read
- my camera
- homemade flaxseed wraps
- fresh mushrooms chopped for stroganoff
- my Bible

- my Mom's generous heart
- her desire to stay active and alert
- her example of volunteering
- her pie-making expertise
- her love of God

- a $5 sawhorse rescued from goodwill
- sweaters packed away, capris pulled out
- empty canning jars
- a great deal on fabric
- new, oh-so-comfortable shoes

- God's provision for each and every day
- that the law is covered over by His love
- that He made all things beautiful
- the rest that only He can give at the end of the day!

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  1. What a beautiful list today! So glad I stopped by! Strange, but it was "lemon squares" that hit me today. It's been years since I made them, and I think it's time I got that recipe out again. It was good to be here!!!