Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Here are some more pages from my 30 Days of Lists project.  Already I love looking back at these even though it's only been a few weeks since I created them!

Day #5 (which I forgot to photograph earlier) - Words to Live By
- I'm sorry.
- Please forgive me.
- I love you.
- Let's talk.
- Can you help me?
- I'm proud of you.
- Good night / Good bye - I love you.
- What would you like to do?
- Gramma, can you come over?
- Where should we go next?
- Let's take the scenic route.
- It's all in God's hands.

Day #10 - Today Was Awesome Because
- the sun shone
- we worked in the greenhouse
- it was Saturday!
- Fabricland had 50% off all fabric in the store
- Costco let me in at 5:53 p.m.
- I had a Chapters gift card to use
- I travelled to Edmonton and back safely
- Kelsey texted me
- I went to bed early - daylight savings time started

Day #11 - Right Now
- I am easing back into babysitting
- enjoying Blake's affection and the way he calls me "Gram"
- enjoying Helayna and Meadow's kindergarten year
- praying for new soon-to-arrive babes
- looking at booking a trip to NB in June
- staying up way too late!
- figuring out photo displays for a 90th birthday party
- reading Deb's pick for April's book club
- doing 4 days of subbing at CSS - and surviving!

Day #12 - Super Powers I'd Like to Have
- photographic memory so I remember where I put things
- grow money trees
- mad baking skills, especially with a rolling pin
- green thumb so plans and seeds grow
- wiggle my nose and have housework done
- pastry making chef
- aerobic breathing for hiking
- fly anywhere in the world
- ability to power nap to gain hours
- super-hostess for entertaining and being prepared
- super human strength to lift things

Day #13 - 10 Years Ago I Was
- 47 years old
- had 1 married daughter
- was teaching third grade
- hadn't travelled outside of North America
- had 3 kids in university
- not blogging
- didn't have a garden
- yearning for a camper and a quad
- only 1 year into not milking cows anymore
- helping with new baby calves from our beef cows
- staying home in spring break
- a scrapbooker, not a sewer
- consumed by my work
So much has changed!

Day #14 - Tools and Toys to Try
- flatiron for hair
- iPad
- scooter
- iPod
- iPhone
- Kitchen Aid food processor

Day #15 - Overheard Today
- "You're our sub?!?!" on day 1
- "Are you coming again tomorrow?" on day 3
- "I wish you could be our teacher everyday." (loved that one!)
- "Why can't I sit here?!?!  That seating plan is for the other room."
- "Can you come back again tomorrow?  I want to work with you again."
- "Let's have her come in to cover those classes."
- "I want to talk to Gramma too."

Day #16 - Pet Peeves
- bad manners, especially at meals
- discussing bodily functions in public
- bath towels not hung up straight to dry
- wild children in public spaces
- not acknowledging colleagues when passing in the hallway
- empty containers put back in the fridge or cupboard
- dirty dishes piled helter-skelter in the sink
- vehicles driven home with the gas tank on empty
- eating from the crockpot before it's finished cooking
- wearing dirty clothes when visiting
- messes on the coffee table
- water splashed from the shower or tub and not wiped up

Day #17 - Favourite Dayz(s) of the Year
- Christmas - any of the days we have our family home to celebrate
- our grandchildren's birthdays
- first day of summer vacation or spring break
- when daylight saving time "falls back"
- vacation days away from home
- camping and quadding days
- paydays
- sleepovers, including going to my sister's
- wedding days
- lazy, weekend days
- sunny days

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  1. Your book is stunning, Crystal - what a great project, and wonderful prompts which set me off thinking...what was I doing 10 years ago? and so on. Love it!