Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4026 - #4061

- reflecting on the democratic process
- a new haircut
- building trust with students
- mechanic-husband
- new shoes

- robins strutting on the lawn
- ducks floating on the pond
- geese wandering in the field
- buds ready to burst open
- green on the mayday tree

- old hockey jerseys hanging in the closet
- memories of years of hockey camps
- the barbecue
- scarred and battered but still useful kitchen table
- video conference class

- phys ed games for the grade fives
- building, testing, creating in science class
- "A Week In My Life" project
- book club
- packing a suitcase

- road trip
- driving safely on snowy roads
- orange notepad
- gift card (thank you, D & K)
- time in the swimming pool

- delicious waffles
- pansies
- box of seeds
- purple irises
- beautiful baby belly

- supper from the crockpot
- praying for growing babies and their safe arrivals
- that God loves so much He gave His only son to take it all away
- resting in His truths as recorded in scripture
- leaning, still leaning, on Him

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