Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I had a rare day at home today and it was absolutely lovely!  Time to transplant some peppers, bring a big vase of mayday branches in to the house, visit the greenhouse and get some flowers, laugh while the grandchildren played in their little swimming pool and then put my flower pots together.  A very good, sunshine-y, full of growing things kind of day!

I want to share a few more pages in my 30 Days of Lists project today.

Day #18 - Family Traditions
- we celebrate Christmas when everyone can be home, no matter what the day is
- we always have a real Christmas tree
- no artificial flowers, no matter what, anytime
- church on Sundays
- brday cake and candles
- phone calls on birthdays and anniversaries
- colouring Easter eggs
- Christmas Eve candlelight service 

Day #19 - Dear House, You Could Make Me Happy By

1.  Keeping your floor neat and tidy at all times, especially when outside comes inside on boots and shoes during busy farm times.  
2.  Washing windows, inside and out, monthly.  It's really a pain to drag ladders around past the shrubs.
3.  Dusting your shelves and nooks on a weekly basis.
4.  Repainting your walls in the year's freshest colours with no moving of furniture, pictures or wall decor.
In return I promise to continue loving you, just as I have for the past 34 years.  I also promise to fill you with friends and family, laughter and good times.  You will be able to share in the fun at all times.  
Your co-owner, 
Crystal  XOXOXOX

Day #20 - Favourite Memories

#1 favourite memory from my childhood:
Summer stays with Grampa and Gramma Hetman at the farm and Alberta Beach:
- revels in the freezer in the pumphouse
- geese sleeping along the garden fence in the afternoon
- walking with Grampa to get the cows
- picking blueberries in the swamp
- Grampa driving into the hayloft from the hill behind the barn
- Gramma collecting vegetables from the garden and eggs from the chicken house in her apron
- sleeping upstairs
- strolls along the pier at Lac Ste. Anne as sun went down
- Gramma baking Dole banana boxes full of doughnuts for us

Day #21 - What Would I Do With One More Hour In My Day

- finish some sewing
- write a letter, send a card, tape up a package to mail away
- finish vacuuming and washing the floors
- create in my studio
- download the camera
- write and post a new blog entry
- read a few more pages in a great book
- organize lunch and clothes for another day of subbing
- talk to and cuddle sweet grandchildren
- bake muffins or brownies

Day #22 - A Care Package Would Have

- photos, lots of photos! 
- magazines like Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart
- chocolate
- a new CD of praise music
- photobooks (thanks, M!)
- pens in all colours
- pretty paper and envelopes
- candles, all sizes and scents
- bright, colorful fabric
- scrapbook supplies
- fresh flowers
- tea in new flavours
- chocolate covered almonds
- a big book with lots of pages (or more than 1!)

Day #23 - Confess

- I don't like to be the centre of attention - I'd rather plan the party for someone else
- I have a hard time being humourous, I'm much more of a practical person
- when I am passionate about something you will know - I can't not tell you
- I love giving gifts to others
- reading is my "escape and dream" time
- I am not really good friends with my rolling pin or pastry crust
- I wish I could hire a landscaper, a weed-puller and a maid - the rest I'll handle :)

Day #24 - I Am Famous For

- brownies
- gifts stashed away for "someday"
- handmade cards
- take photos at family gatherings
- traditional Christmas celebrations
- vacuuming at the last possible moment
- giving books
- shopping for Christmas all year
- coming to school at the last minute
- cooking and sewing advice
- playing with our grandchildren

One more installment to come!  And I am still in love with this project!

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  1. Your book is beautiful, Crystal. I am fascinated by how much lists can tell about us. Your lists are just so interesting!