Monday, July 20, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk - part 2

Some people went on the Photo Walk with the goal of shooting a particular type of shot but I just snapped wildly at everything that caught my fancy!

I thought this sign was perfect - the Photo Walk was a special event!

I like how the way the buildings and road curve around here.  The sky was cloudy for the first part of the morning and it made for great sky photos.

Esther and I want to go check this place out!

Classic shot of the North Saskatchewan River, the Convention Center (low white and black building just above the trees), Canada Place (red building) and the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald (castle like on the left side).  I like the reflection.

Carved in the bridge railing.

Just pointed down and shot as he passed me.

Resting on the picnic table, oblivious to all who spoke to him.  One of the guys in our group got an amazing photo with lower light - the light is coming through individual hairs of the beard. 

Chinese Bridge

In the Chinese gardens. 

Photographers at work!  A Chinese couple was in the pagoda and their photographer was taking pictures of them, while we took pictures of all of them!

I think the title might be "Going Up Together" - again just snapped off as they passed by.  I'm amazed at how straight I got everything. 

Esther had quite a chat with this man, after she reassured him that she wasn't "another damn reporter"!

Another photographer at work under the Low Level Bridge.  Do you recognize the tree from yesterday - last photo I posted, I think?

On the bridge - thank you for railings or I might have been too close for comfort!

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald 

Canada Place and the Convention Center, seen from the other direction.

Thanks for looking!  I took 276 pictures in 2 hours that morning!  It was a great morning spent doing 2 things that my sister loves - walking and taking pictures.  This was our time together in honour of her birthday - love you, E!!

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