Saturday, July 25, 2009

A First

We left the heat and craziness of New York City behind and headed off on a little road trip this weekend.  Mel figured that her Dad might like to see some farmland so we headed  to Pennsylvania.    And it just so happens that I have a blogging friend who lives out that way - so it was a perfect excuse to contact Jill at MamaLoaf and stop by to say hello.

Google Maps said it was 166 miles - and should take 2.4 hours but it didn't account for Friday afternoon traffic and a 2 month old baby!!!  Let's just say that we got there a few hours later than we wanted to and Victor (her little boy) and her beloved chickens were already in bed.   It was marvelous to see her home (just like her pictures show), meet her husband and some of his family, and visit for a little bit.  I told her that we'd be back again - for a much longer visit next time.   It was my first experience with meeting a blogging friend in real life and it was even better than I imagined.  Thank you so much, Jill and Brian - see you soon, we pray!

And to copy the MasterCard ad of a few years ago:

1 tank of gas - $36.00

supper - $46.84

bridge tolls - $34.45

meeting Jill and Brian - priceless!!!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you went, and that Samuel and I got to meet them, too. It was fun to get out of the city and enjoy the Pennsylvania countryside. I hope you go home with many priceless memories from this trip. :)

  2. that is so awesome that you got to meet jill! i wish i could have come too!

  3. It sure was great, wasn't it, Crystal! Brian and I had such a nice time with you. I am SO GLAD it worked out. How did you do in Lancaster?