Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ten on Thursday - from NYC

1. Samuel is just as sweet as he was a month ago - but now he's cooing and smiling and responding - and it's even more fun to hang out with him!

2. It's hot and humid in NYC - 30 degrees C and relative humidity of 88%.

3. Fresh markets here are so much better than at home! We found amazing shiitake and baby portobello mushrooms,, great deals on blackberries, sweet potatoes and squash for 59 cents a pound and bunch spinach for 99 cents. Not quite as cheap as Poland but way better than Alberta!

4. Tyler flew home to Nova Scotia tonight for his friend Rob's wedding this weekend. We all miss him :((

5. It's really hard to take any pictures when it's raining outside - but rain does cool things off!

6. Have you ever been in a Costco store that's 2 stories high??? I had my first experience with that today. But we only 20 minutes until closing time so we had no time for browsing.

7. My husband is a very good builder / setter-upper / helper around the house - especially when his girls need his help.

8. Samuel and I read Clifford the Big Red Dog today - and he was mesmerized by the big red shape on each page. It was so cute to watch!

9. We saw the family medicine clinic that Tyler is working at during this part of his family medicine rotation - but I didn't get any pictures of it - see #5 above!

10. A fan makes all the difference in the world when your house is hot!!

I apologize for no pictures - hopefully tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good visit so far! And that costco sounds cooool!

  2. sounds great!!! So wonderful that you can see your daughter and grandson again so soon. And I have read Bel Canto, Crystal, and loved it. Enjoy!

  3. It's so great having you here!!! Samuel is loving every minute with Gramma and Grampa. Thanks for putting up with the small quarters, incredible heat and humidity and for always seeing the positive and enjoyable things when you come to visit. Having you visit is such a pleasure. Hugs and love.