Friday, July 17, 2009


Earlier this summer I spent a wonderful week with our grandson, Samuel and his mom, Melinda - and now this month, I've had a joyful time with our granddaughter, Helayna.  She is an absolute joy - so curious, energetic and articulate.  I have such fond memories of summer week's spent with my grandparents and I hope with all my heart that this tradition will be one I can build with our grandchildren.  

Every morning she and Grampa would take a ride down the road to check on Mr. Fritz's "amimals" while I made breakfast.  She should have been born a farm girl because she has a huge love of the outdoors and animals.  

We had all kinds of snacks - mostly healthy!  Food always tastes better when you're at the lake too! 

Grampa baled some hay and hauled it yesterday so she had a ride in the tractor.  Sitting up here in the tractor was also a favourite spot for our kids to ride along when they were little .  

And the two little monkeys love the trampoline at Meadow's house.  Meadow was so surprised to see Helayna knock on her bedroom door when we stopped by.  She was dancing and hugging and shouting "Laynie came, Laynie came!!"  I hope they will always love to see each other.  

This was their hospital bed and I was the nurse, checking on their pretend injuries after the ride-on cars crashed - according to the two of them!

Grampa has an I-Movie play list of "Helayna's favourite home videos" including wrestling with Meadow, skiing, visits to the farm, fishing, Uncle Darrin and Auntie Kelsey's wedding, Silas as a baby and Helayna singing songs.    She loves to watch the people she knows.

It's awfully quiet around the house tonight but I know Omy and Papa (Jonathan's parents) are having a ball with her for a few days now.  See you soon, Sweetheart!!

And thus ends "The Week of Helayna" on this blog - although I still have lots of stories to share :))