Friday, July 10, 2009

Ten on Friday - A Day Late

I know - I missed posting this yesterday, only because I was buried in trying to learn how to use masks with Photoshop Elements.  It didn't go well - I still can't figure out the last step - grrr!  Moving right along - - - -

1.  My nephew, Ed (you may have seen him in some of the quadding pictures), just finished some private photography lessons that his dad (my brother) had given him as a Christmas present.  So he invited us to come to a little gathering where some of his photos were exhibitted and where he shared a presentation of more of his amazing shots.  It was marvelous!!!  His work included abstracts, black and white, wildlife, scenery, people, closeups  - there was so much goodness.   It was delightful to see the passion he's developed for his camera and the patience and effort he puts into capturing sunrises, sunsets, bees, birds and so many other things.  It's hard to pick just one favourite - I would be happy to hang any one of the dozen or so enlargements he had on display!  It will be fun to watch where this hobby takes him, especially because his teacher has already used one of his closeups in a book on journalling that she is publishing!  Amazing, hey?!!  I am so glad that he invited us  to his show!

2.  Look who's riding in style!  Blake's daddy got this special bassinet that fits inside the jogging stroller so he can ride along.  It's the cutest thing ever!

3.  And look who's learning to ride a bike!  She got this 'run-bike' for her birthday and she's nearly got it mastered already.

It has small tires and no pedals and she's learning how to balance and steer.  Apparently it's way easier for kids to master a two-wheeler this way.  Going down the hill is lots of fun as she lifts her legs and coasts along!

4.  Our fridge is filled with fresh cherries, blueberries, raspberries, carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and beets!  It was Farmer's Market day today.

5.  We got just over 2" of rain this week - and things look so green and vibrant now.  I may have to cut the grass tomorrow.

6.  I found a great recipe for Spiced Rhubarb Chutney and I have 6 jars of it ready to put away on my shelves.  It was delicious with the salmon we had one night.

7.  Helayna is coming to visit us next week - and we have alot of fun planned :))  Grampa has to do a little building tomorrow to get one of the projects ready.

8.  Over at the photography blog,  Her Space My Space His Space, this week, one of the assignments was to photograph something that reminds you of the number 3.  Here's my take!

9.  We cut the grass this week at some property that my parents own and as we sat at the picnic table afterwards, these little guys crossed the lawn about 100 feet away from us.  I was praying that Mama wouldn't spot me!  There must have been 8 or 9 babies with her!

10.  Last night's supper was this Stuffed Hamburger Roll.  You start with a meatloaf mixture, pat it into a rectangle, make a vegetable stuffing and put it on top, then roll it up, bake and glaze near the end of cooking.   It looked great and tasted superb.  I'll make it again, for sure!!


  1. That loaf looks fanastic. Did it take lots of effort?
    Thanks for sharing lots of photos of the Dreberts. I wish we could come hang out and meet Blake. He looks so cute bundled up in his baby bivy. Samuel loves his little sling and slept soundly yesterday when we were out.
    I had no idea Ed was so into photography, and so neat that he invited you to his show. Thanks for sharing this tidbit of his life.

  2. When I first saw the skunks I thought they were at your place! I'm so glad they aren't!

    Love the photos of the kids - they are both so cute!

    And you have to send me that meatloaf recipe. It looks so good!

  3. Hello. I am catching up here, and oh boy is there a lot of catching up to do! I really need to take some on line courses too, I think. In just about everything. I will email you and tell you a little about what I am doing at the mo - something I devised myself to try and think and focus more clearly. So far so good. I think. I may need to be held accountable and kept on track a little!

    I love all your photos, and the special effects too. So much to learn! And those babies of yours - they grow by the day and are too cute for words. I think that runing bike is a great invention. Now why didn't we think fo that years ago when ours were small?? Skunks - well, I am so glad they have not made the epic swim to Europe. Yet. I can do without them! But the stuffed hamburger roll - oh yes. That I will be trying. Can you post your recipe? Please???
    Well, lket me poddle off now and check the chicken in the oven. My family need food. I will be back.

  4. faithfully reading your blog :) love all the digital goodies you are doing..I'm to impatient to start something like that...

    that meatloaf looks amazing...will you share the recipe :)