Friday, July 31, 2009

After 33 Years

4 kids,
1 daughter-in-law and 3 son-in-laws,
5 grandchildren,
25 years of milking cows,
a lifetime of farming,
nearly 14 years of teaching,
visits to 4 continents,
volunteering in our community,
and with God's blessings -
I'm so glad I married him!

Happy Anniversary, Bob!   Love you!! 

As a good friend wrote to us, it's one-third of a century!!  Yesterday morning (our actual anniversary date) as we were flying home, I said to him, "Did you ever think 33 years ago that we would be flying to New York to visit our grandson, or that we'd have 4 married children, or that we'd have lived a life filled with so much goodness? "  And his answer - "I couldn't have imagined where life would take us!  There's  been so much more to it than I ever thought."  And I agree whole-heartedly!!

(picture taken in Central Park)


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Sorry, that was me. Again, I have to pay attention to who is logged in... Although, I am sure my hubby would also wish you a Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You have led a full and blessed life and I pray that God will give you many, many more...including visits to NYC. ;)

  4. Congratulations!!! Nothing more blessed in this earth bound life time than a wonderful marriage and family.

  5. Sassy Sandra1:36 PM

    Crystal, that is a great post! Wow, amazing...
    Happy Anniversary!
    Sassy Sandra

  6. Congratulations! What a rich heritage you've created for your family; I wish you many, many more years of adventures together!

  7. Happy Anniversary Bob and Crystal! The two of you are great role models to many of us with your faith life, your family and your friendships. Have a great day reflecting and celebrating.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!

  9. aww Happy Anniversary!!!

  10. That is sooo awesome! What a great achievement and such wonderful things that have come from the union!