Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Home From The Hills

The Rocky Mountain foothills, that is!  We went away with some of my family this weekend on our 5th annual quad trip.  It doesn't seem like we've gone that many times already but when we were reminiscing we certainly had lots of memories to chat about!

This time my brother, Del, brought this big canvas tent where he slept with Pam and Ed, his 2 kids.  The best thing about the tent (other than it's size) was the wood stove inside (see the smoke going up - that's the corner) which made the place toasty warm - and a great spot for hanging wet clothes up to dry!  Thanks for providing the laundry service, Del!

Of course having that stove and a campfire meant that there was lots of wood chopping to do.

My sister, Esther, does an amazing job of organizing the meals.  Pam and Kelsey assembled 59  - was supposed to be an even 5 dozen but Pam miscalculated on the meat :)) - buns with sauce, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and sliced meat.

And then we popped them in the hoagie makers and cooked them in the campfire -

and had delicious hoagies for supper and the next day's lunch! 

We spent lots of  time around the fire eating, chatting and laughing!

We stop at every interesting spot along the trail and this cabin site was a great spot for a group photo!

We were tucked up right alongside the mountains which made for beautiful views.  One day we quadded right to the Jasper National Park boundary.

It was lots of up and down through the forest -

crossing creeks - 

and trying to find where we were on the maps!  Good thing Larry and Del have hunted in this area and that we had a map book.  Bob's GPS came in handy too.

Playing and splashing in the creek is part of the day too, especially when the machines and riders get muddy.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories tomorrow!


  1. Wow Crystal! What a great time! I'm in awe at how beautiful Alberta is and how much there is to do. Hey, did you see any bears?

  2. Looks like loads of fun! Glad you could all be together again

  3. awesome photos!! it looks like so much fun!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time! :)