Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1.  The Newark airport was jam packed with people this morning!  So many flights had been cancelled yesterday that it created quite alot of mayhem there as everyone came back this morning to try to get on other flights.  Our plane stood on the tarmack for more than an hour before it was airborne.

2.  On my list of things to do next time we visit New York City -
     - a tour of the United Nations 
     - an evening  at a Broadway play
     - a city bus tour on one of the double decker busses
     - another walk through Central Park
     - a longer visit to F.A.O. Schwarz, the toystore
     - a visit to the hospital where Tyler is studying
     - more cuddling with Samuel
I might have to go more than once!

3.  The espresso machine was down at Starbuck's this morning and they couldn't make any hot specialty drinks.   What a disappointment!

4.   We came home to find - 

raspberries - 

zucchini - 

and peas in our garden!

5.  You should see how purple my hands are after picking an ice cream pail full of saskatoons tonight!  There's at least another pail full still out there to be picked in the morning.  

How marvelous it is to have fresh produce in the summertime!!

6.  The first - and biggest - tomato on my potted plant is turning pink!

7.  Heather picked us up at the airport today - the sweetest sound was "Gramma, Gramma, Gramma" and the best gift was great big smiles from Silas, Helayna and Heather!

8.  It is good to be safely home, out in the countryside, where the air is fresh and cool!

9.  I spent a couple of hours during our plane ride home this morning editting some of the 550+ pictures we took.  Pictures like this - - 

Oh, is he ever fun to play with now!!  Grampa really got the smiles going with his little games.  

10.   Using the Her Space My Space His Space prompts for this week:


Polychromatic (showing many colors)



  1. Cool post! New York is crazy but so cool hey?!

  2. Well I'm glad you made it home and through the craziness of Newark airport. It was so wonderful having you here. Samuel's missing you and Grampa. Yesterday he was very fussy and upset. We all miss you.
    Your garden looks spectacular and I'm sure tastes even better. Happy harvesting!!

  3. Glad you made it home safely. I too have a list of things to do next time in NYC. And you should she Breannas list!! Enjoy the Long week-end!!