Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today we enjoyed one last day with Mel, Tyler and Samuel in New York City.

Today I baked cookies, cake and blueberry muffins for Mel.

Today we tried to check-in online and found that our original flight had been cancelled!

Today we spent 2 hours helping Mel wash and dry 5 loads of clothes at the laundromat, instead of going to the airport.  

Today we went to the airport 3.5 hours later than first planned for our rescheduled flight.

Today Tyler came home early because his afternoon lectures at the hospital were cancelled.  

Today we ate Chinese dumplings, rice salad and leftovers for a late lunch.  And Bob and Tyler also shared a jar of herring!

Today we paid $75 dollars for a cab ride to the airport.  

Today we tried to check-in at the airport to find out that our second flight had been cancelled too - and there was no way of getting home today!  Electrical storms, high winds and 3" of rain will shut an airport down in a big hurry.

Today we, along with several hundred other passengers, scrambled to find a hotel where we could spend the night and get back to the airport for 6 a.m..

Today we spent the evening watching TV!

Today we set our alarm clock for 4:30 a.m. - insane!!

Today we said good-bye (yes, tearfully!)  to this sweet little one and his mama and papa.  I hope we can see them again very, very soon!!

Today I was inspired by Stacy Julian to journal my day this way :))


  1. I hope you have a good quick sleep! We'll see you at the airport tomorrow.

    Samuel has changed so much again! What a cutie!

  2. What a day! I hope you have a safe flight home and that all the hassle will be redeemed by unexpected blessings. Happy landings!

  3. Hope you get home safe and sound! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!