Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Simple Woman #53

For Today . . . August 4, 2009

Outside my window. . . cloudy, windy, and very cool as we drive home from Jasper after a weekend of camping and hiking (for the dads).  We had to abandon our plans of a morning bike ride - it was just too cold.  

I am  thankful . . . that the hikers returned safely and have many stories to share about their adventures.  

And I am also thankful . . . for camping time with 4 of our grandchildren and 2 of our daughters, even if it was crazy at times!

I am praying . . . that I would continue to grow my relationship with God as this devotional reminds me. 

I am thinking . . . about how much we've been away - the good times and memories we've had - and now how much I want to stay home for a while!

From the kitchen. . . time to get back into cooking and healthy eating!

I am wearing . . . black warmup pants, green polka dotted shirt,  and crocs.

I am reading . . . Summerhill Secrets, a series of short stories about a girl living in Pennsylvania Amish country (near Lancaster, where we were while on our Pennsylvania road trip with Mel and Samuel) by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping . . . to get the raspberries picked tonight.

I am hearing . . . the clock ticking.

I am creating . . . some thank-you cards.

Around the house and yard . . .  raspberries, saskatoons and peas to pick,  the first ripe tomato to savour, a mountain of laundry to do, the camper to unpack and clean up, and settling back into routines. 

One of my favourite things . . . fresh raspberries with brown sugar and cream.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . a haircut, garden work, judging at a local fair, visit to the Farmer's Market and sleeping in my own bed!

Here is a 
picture thought I am sharing with you . . . the moon rising over the mountains as we drove out to Jasper.   

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  1. I bet it is good to be back home again! It's always fun to get away but oh so sweet to be back home.

  2. I'm so glad we got to spend time with you. It was a fun weekend, even if it was crazy at times. Thanks for all your help!