Friday, April 03, 2009

Going Home

This beautiful daughter (one of our three beautiful daughters!)  is going back home to New York today - and I've been teary eyed about it for 2 days now!  

She is taking that baby belly with its precious cargo back to Tyler who has been at work for the last 10 days - and missing the 2 of them big time.  It's only about 5 weeks now until they welcome a new little one into their family and I'm praying that God will just watch over them extra in the days and weeks ahead.    Saying good-bye to our kids is the hardest thing in the world for me :((

Thanks for sharing the great picture, Heather:)


  1. Oh I know, Crystal. Are you going to go when the baby is born?? And by the way, just in case I haven't said it before or 20 times, you have 3 absolutely gorgeous girls. And your son isn't at all bad either!

  2. I can imagine how difficult it is for you - you all seem to have WAY too much fun when you are together - and your obvious love and respect and caring of each other - just beautiful - what a blessing that is.

  3. I know it's sad Crystal. Consentrate on the soon to arrive new bundle of joy.

  4. I miss you lots already. Keep praying that we'll be able to move back soon and be closer at least for a while. You and Dad are so good to us. Thank-you for the great time, even the tears at the end. Love you!