Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Weeks

Melinda and Tyler left New York City this morning on their journey back to Nova Scotia so the baby can be born in Canada, hopefully sometime around May 15th.  Tyler has finished his internal medicine and surgical internships and will take the next 6 weeks to be a dad, returning to the hospital in early June.  

Heather took this beautiful picture of them when they were here in March for Darrin and Kelsey's wedding.  Mel's baby belly is bigger now but she's doing just fine.  They are eager to be home with Tyler's family and to be surrounded by them and good friends as they wait for "Shim's " birth.  Bob named the baby 'Shim' at Christmastime and it's kind of stuck :))   God speed, Little Family!

They have 3 days of driving ahead of them and if you could pray that God's protection would be over them, I would be ever so grateful.  I miss them alot!!!!!


  1. Of course I can and will. How exciting, to be awaiting another little one so soon! Andrew's birthday is on the 16th, by the way!
    Will you be going to see them?

  2. they've been on my mind all morning, i've been praying when i think of them. so many changes ahead for them... i miss them too and wish i could be there with them now and when babe arrives.

  3. Doesn't Melinda look radiant? So, when do you fly over? Ya gotta be there Granny.

  4. Where has that time gone? Amazing that the baby will be here in just a few short weeks. Happy to hear they are doing well!

  5. We miss you lots, too. We've made it the first leg of the trip to Maine. We're not too far from the Canadian border now. Thanks for all the prayers.

  6. Oh, I like that picture.

    I prayed for them and I hope they arrived safely.

    This is such an exciting time for you, Crystal!