Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This little special issue came to my house today - and it makes me very happy :))  At the same time, I'm sad that it's the second last issue ever.  I loved Simple Scrapbooks!

2.   I ordered more than 200 wedding pictures, taken mostly by Jonathan, tonight!  It was fun looking through them again - lots of smiles!

3.  I am thoroughly enjoying my week of subbing.  The visiting with colleagues and the energy of kids makes me very happy.

4.  Tonight I noticed that the sun has already moved about 25 degrees to the north - what a huge change in just a few weeks!

5.  I love children's literature!  This picture speaks for itself :))

6.  And on the same note, Beatrix Potter is such a wonderful author, especially to read in the springtime.  Did you know that The Adventures of Peter Rabbit was first published in 1902?  He's been around a very long time, my class concluded today.  And there's an actual site called Peter Rabbit where you can learn more about the author!

7.  Writing a career summary is really hard!  More on this at a later date.

8.  I love driving through the countryside and seeing all the new baby calves running and playing alongside their mothers.

9.  Here's a site just to make you smile!  Found it in my new magazine - see #1.

10.  It's the last day of my 53rd year!

Please come back for book reviews of some really fun kid's books tomorrow.  


  1. I love your lists. And I think 200 photos of your only son's wedding is remarkably restrained!And I am also thinking of all the new baby photos which will be appearing in your home in the coming years too... loads of scrapbooking to come yet!

  2. Happy Birthday Crystal!

    And congratulations on the wedding of your son!

    We've got lots of children's books here, as I'm sure you can imagine. My favorite is called Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall. Brian found it on a give-away pile at the library--it's a treasure!


  3. Crystal, you have to see the movie Miss Potter, all about Beatrix Potter. It's a really good movie. My kids liked it too.

    Congrats on your son's wedding. Have fun scrapping all those pictures :) Happy Birthday too!!

  4. Great list. And Happy Birthday today!!!

  5. Hi Crystal,
    I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!
    I hope it is a wonderful day, and I wish you many blessings in the year ahead.