Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I saved $8.50 today on shampoo, face cream, shaving cream and sole inserts by using 5 coupons.  Thanks for the tips and the signup site, Mel!!

2.  Drop over to Becky Novacek's blog and read her 'b' list entry on making days bright.  She is wise and faithful, a marvelous photographer and inspiring .

3.  Oprah had her designing buddy, Nate, on the show yesterday and he did some remodelling for 4 different families that lived on the same street.  His budget was $500 per house and it was amazing what he accomplished with less than $200 in most cases.  I am itching to learn how to paint now!

4.  My sister and I had great fun taking pictures of each other on the Crocus Hill last week.  Thanks, E!  

5.   Have you planned a celebration with your Mom for Mother's Day?  It's just over a week away you know!

6.  Like Butter, Cornmeal, Bee Pollen, Soft Dijon, Lemon Drop - what color paint am I looking at?

7.   Mel and Tyler are safe in Nova Scotia, had a doctor's appointment today and found out that everything's fine with the baby.  Now they are off to points down the South Shore  including some visits with hospitals and friends.  

8.  What summer food you waiting to try again?  I think my favourites are the berries - especially raspberries and blackberries.

9.  The International Reading Association conference last week was a wonderful celebration of literacy, books and writing.  I've gone to it every spring for the last 12 years and I love it just as much now as I did in the very beginning.

10.  Do you have any seeds in the ground yet?  It's still really cold here and nothing's getting green but hopefully that will change by the weekend.


  1. I love the picture of you! Looks great!

  2. I always enjoy when Nate is on Oprah. He has talent. It is easy to design on a big budget - not so easy on a tight budget. What he accomplishes is amazing. Now, having said that - you can't pull off the exact same look in Canada for the same price because we really don't have the access to the products the States have. That annoys me so much...

  3. I was just looking at your photo-a-day photos - they look great!

    Love your list! That photo of you is great!

  4. We're planning a picnic lunch for Mother's day at my mom's. My brother and SIL will be there too. I think all the dads will help out with the menu.

    As for seeds, our onions are really sprouting up. We also have peas, carrots and beets in the ground. Our tomato plants are in a wagon--they go out during the day and come in at night. It's still pretty chilly when the sun goes down.

    Nice list, Crystal! XO