Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This was the view outside our bedroom window this morning!  Spring was nowhere in sight but by this afternoon, most of it had melted and the temperature was up to +7 degrees Celsius.  

2.  I got lots of happy mail today!  Cards and pictures from family and friends, including one from Helayna,  made me smile :))

3.  After school today, a friend and I went to visit another dear friend - and we ended up staying for 6+ hours!!!  She stuffed us with delicious snacks and supper, homemade angel food cake and her very special chocolates.  And the visiting was THE best, catching up on grandchildren, university studies, car troubles, redecorating, and former students.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by good friends!

4.  Did you know that the Government of Canada passport offices closed for a 4 day Easter weekend?  We found out the hard way when we drove into the parking lot and there was only one car there!  At least we got the picture part done.

5.  Darrin and Kelsey's wedding pictures from the photographer are even better in real life than the blog showed :))

6.  I decided it's time to restock our home with some houseplants.  Other than one spider plant, I've managed to kill the others so my mom gave me a new creeping one to start off with again.  She says it only needs to be watered once a week - but it does need to be watered once a week.  Wish me luck!  I love the green and growing of plants inside a home. 

7.  We watched the last episode of the Canadian comedy, Corner Gas, last night.  Hopefully something equally funny will replace it in the next season.  

8.  Here is a sample of the wedding guest book pages that I put together for Darrin and Kelsey.  I used a 6 X 12" album, the good wishes cards that guests wrote and a picture of each family.  I think it will be a great reminder of their wedding.  

9.  In phys ed class today, I was reminded of how hard it is to teach someone to skip!  The 9 girls had no trouble at all but it was a different story for the boys.  Hopefully some of the things I showed them will help them to develop their skills.  

10.  If you are interested in improving your photography skills, Photo Bliss   will encourage and challenge you.   


  1. Whoa!!! I can't believe you got that much snow. I hope spring comes soon. Nothing like an April snowstorm. I guess the planting will have to wait a few more weeks.
    It sounds like you're having a great week, and enjoying time with friends. Good luck with the passports. I hope that gets settled soon. I have to get working on mine and baby's soon.

  2. Wow...snow! Ours is finally all melted and we have had some decent temps in the last few days...didn't even need my coveralls. I sure hope yours melts soon and spring is just around the corner for you too!

  3. Oooh, Crystal, this post is loaded with goodies!

    1. I can't believe all the snow! You're a much better sport than I am about Spring's retreat.

    3. I have a very good friend that I visit for hours at a time--good friends are a treasure.

    6. I recently killed the plant that the previous owner left us. He said that it was 'thriving' in the windowsill and felt it should stay there. (That was 4.5 years ago). I gave it a trim and it shriveled up--I feel SO bad.

    8. The guest book is lovely--what a great idea.

    10. Thanks for the link--I'll check it out!


  4. I love this post. I'm soooo ready for spring. No more snow, please!

    Love how the guestbook looks! Now I want to order some photos... how did you do it? through her site?

  5. I'm so sorry to see all that snow; good thing it melted quickly! And now, let there be spring!!
    Thanks for the Photo Bliss tip; I've added it to my favorites.

  6. Say, a very happy belated birthday. I had to laugh at your comment about teaching boys to skip! If you are successful, please share your tips!!! :-)