Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Daybook #38

For Today . . . April 13, 2009

Outside my window . . . grey skies, nothing but grey skies (can you name that song?!), cool temperatures - high of +7 today with rain showers starting in the late afternoon.  The forecast is for 10 - 15 cm of snow starting in the early morning and continuing until 5 p.m. tomorrow with 30 km winds, gusting to 60 km/hour.  Spring has decided to retreat!

I am thankful . . . that He is risen!  He is risen indeed!!

I am praying . . . that my aunt's knee will heal properly after surgery last week and that our daughters will continue through their pregnancies safely.

I am thinking . . . about working the garden and planting some potatoes but I think I'll have to wait a little longer.

From the kitchen . . . Sweet Potato Ginger Soup, egg salad sandwiches, pepper and pickle slices, cheese and crackers - lunch shared with Naomi, Jerry and Meadow

I am wearing . . . black jeans, burgundy blouse, fleece jacket and crocs.

I am reading . . .  halfway through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling.

I am hoping . . . to start some sewing projects before the outside work gets too hectic

I am hearing . . . music from "Mary's Veil", a locally written and produced musical drama production.  It's one of my favourite Christian CDs, featuring people that we are acquainted with.

I am creating . . . some scrapbook layouts - finally!  I've been away from it for too long and I have 2 crop dates coming up so I need to get some creativity going again.

Around the house . . . some spring cleaning like windows to do and a china cabinet to purge and dust.

One of my favourite things . . . Easter dinner with family.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . 3 days of subbing, a play date with Meadow, a shower "land and sea" party for our niece and her fiancee, a trip to the passport office and shopping for my cooking class.

Here is  a picture thought I am sharing with you . . . .the sky on Good Friday afternoon - dark and cloudy but rays shining through.  It reminded us of paintings where God is depicted shining through the clouds.  

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook for hosting these Monday gatherings.  


  1. love that photo! it is just gorgeous! i wish the snow would just go away! have fun with meadow this week!

  2. Photo's like the one you showed brings heaven a little closer.

  3. I just sent you my address via e-mail. I had sent it once before when you inquired. If you don't receivie it please let me know.

  4. Aw, you guys just keep getting crazy winter weather. I'm hoping that it doesn't snow, and if it does it's not nearly as much as expected. We're suffering through the April showers and hope the May flowers are gorgeous. ;)
    Thanks for sharing this little sneak peak in your day. Have a great week. I hope we get to catch up soon. I miss you lots!!

  5. We're a little on the cold side here, too...but no snow in the forecast (that I know of!).

    Lovely Good Friday photo, Crystal.

    He is risen indeed!