Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome to My World!!!

Finally,  after much hinting and suggesting, and waiting and waiting - - - - - I went and bought it (and even got a lovely little discount for being a teacher) for myself!  Happy Birthday to Me - Merry Christmas - Happy Valentine's Day - get the picture?!?!  

I am excited but nervous about figuring out what to do.  Wish me luck - hopefully I'll have something to show you someday soon!


  1. Funny thing - I just got a copy of Photoshop CS4 today! With the educational discount, too! Have you used Elements before? I think you'll have some fun!
    Did you get the email I sent a week or two ago?

  2. I bought a program about a year ago and still haven't figured it out...haven't had much time to try either tho!

  3. oooh you'll love it!!! If you want a good book to get you started there is a series called "classroom in a book" and it will go thru different projects that will really teach you all you need to know!