Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The Rocky Mountains are beautiful any time of the year!

2.  This little one is absolutely amazing!  Look at her skiing down the bunny hill all by herself, practising perfect form and balance.  

3.  She was by far the littlest person we saw on the hill.  Look at her compared to the kids ahead of her!

4.  The Magic Carpet is a conveyor belt that tows beginners back up to the top of their little hill.  It's the coolest thing!

5.  Her mom's pretty amazing too!!  Skiing when she is 6 months pregnant - thank you God for watching over this daughter of mine.

6.  And these 4 had lots of fun going up the big chair to the top of the mountain and coming down in the snow.  It was the best part of the day according to Meadow.

7.  I had an interesting and tasty appetizer at supper - slices of pear and rocquefort cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry, baked and topped with blackberry sauce.

8.  "Ready, Big Fish?"  
"I'm ready.  Are you ready, Little Fish?"
"Knees, toes, back, 7- 8 - 9"
And she splashed into our arms in the swimming pool tonight!

9.  I'm posting this link to Simple Mom's 20 Tips for Finding Your Routine with Kids because my own daughters are finding it a challenge to have toddlers and babies, manage a home, work and still have time for partners and their own interests.  Even if only 1 thing on her list helps you, it's worth reading her post.  Thanks to Ali Edwards for the link :))

10.  Shutter Sisters have a new idea - Project Hope.  Sending two photographers around the world to capture images of hope while supporting those whose situations seem hopeless, stay-at-home readers are invited to share their local images of hope too.    The project begins in Rawanda and will end in Nepal.  What a journey it will be to follow.  Check it out and Vote Hope!!!


  1. Heidi & Logan loved that Magic Carpet too! What a fun way for kids to learn to ski. Glad you are enjoying some time away with family!

  2. Oh my gosh....she looks too tiny to be skiing!

  3. Meadow is just so cute and unbelievable. I loved being there and seeing it all for myself. Tyler was thrilled to see the video of her skiing. She's such an athlete already.