Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Year Ago Project

This map that we saw in the Visitor's Centre really gives you a good idea of the loop the Iguazu River makes here at the Falls.

Our first glimpse was as the trail came around the corner and the vista just opened up in front of us.

The River is quite shallow and very wide at this point so it runs right over the rocks and embankments in 275 different places when the water is high, which is normally in June.  Our visit in March was when the river is quite low.  It must be just stunning when there's even more water!

275 falls span a distance of 2.76 km, with some being in Brazil and the others in Argentina.    On this day we hiked the Brazilian side and could see most of the Argentinian side. 

Wikipedia says that some people consider these falls to rank with Victoria Falls in South Africa.  

Devil's Throat is the name of this part of the falls area.

A walkway takes you right out over the river in one place.  I had to put a plastic bag over the camera to keep it dry.

We loved this area and could easily be persuaded to return again!  Tomorrow I'll show you the view from the Argentina side.  I took more than 220 pictures here and so I had a hard time deciding which ones to show you.  


  1. These falls are beautiful, and I can't believe that they're not even in full flow. You've definitely peaked my interest in going there for a tour.

  2. I would just love to see the falls - they look so beautiful in the photos!

  3. I remember how breathtaking I found Niagara Falls--I can only imagine how much more so these would be.

    Gorgeous photos, Crystal. This was the trip of a lifetime!