Monday, April 06, 2009

Simple Daybook #37

For Today . . . April 6, 2009

Outside my window . . . sunshine, glorious sunshine and a balmy +13 degrees Celsius today.  The snow is melting and it seems like spring has finally made its way to Alberta!  Of course everything looks brown and dreary after winter but hopefully that will only last a few weeks and then all will be green and beautiful again.

I am thankful . . . that we get to see our children and spend so much time with our grandchildren so often!

I am thinking . . . about a cooking course that I will be teaching in 2 weeks.  This is new territory for me and I'm quite looking forward to it!

From the kitchen . . . bagel with jalapeno havarti cheese for breakfast, leftover slow cooker lasagne for lunch, and deer roast with vegetables for supper.

I am wearing . . . tan/brown cords, cream tshirt with a bird print, and green quilted cotton jacket

I am reading . . . a beautiful letter from one of our South American tour friends - what a treat to get in the mail today!  And Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling.

I am hoping . . . to survive 4 days of subbing this week!  This is the longest stretch I've done this year.  

I am hearing . . . Diana Krall "Quiet Nights", her newest CD of Brazilian style music - bringing back memories of our time there :))

I am creating . . . wedding guest book pages - I found a 6 X 12 album today, I think - hurray!!!

Around the house . . . trying to catch up on laundry and all the to-do things that didn't get touched last week!

One of my favourite things . . . fresh spring flowers and pussy willows gracing our home

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . 3 more days of subbing including an afternoon at the swimming pool and a major writing assignment with the class, an appointment,  Good Friday and Easter services at church, breakfast at church on Sunday morning, and some family gatherings.

Here is  a picture thought I am sharing with you . . . my sample of the writing assignment the class did today - webbing ideas is always fun!


  1. I hope the subbing goes well and doesn't wear you out. At least Friday is a holiday and you'll have the weekend to rest a bit. What are the Easter plans?

    Tonight for supper I made Portugese Kale Soup (kale was on sale at the grocery story today). Na showed me her recipe, but I forgot to write it down. I did find one online that looked very similar to hers. It was delicious. It made a huge batch, so half is off to the freezer along with half of the cornmeal muffins as well.

    Thanks for sharing the details. I miss you already!

  2. Yay for good mail days! I hope you got lots while you were away.

    I hope the subbing goes well this week.

  3. I think you should use the mind map thingy in a scrapbook! Mine are always way too untidy to use, I must say. I scribble all over the pages. I always love coming to read your Simple Woman page, Crystal. It is like sitting down in you kitchen and catching up.

  4. More info on that cooking course you are teaching - please!

    Oh and by the way, you have very neat handwriting. Me? Well let's just say I should have been a doctor!!!!

    2 days and we break for 2 weeks Hol's - yeah!!!!!!!

  5. ooh, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Those books are the best!!! And the audio versions are fantastic!!! They make the drive from Calgary seem like nothing! :-) Not sure where you've been looking for albums, but I bought an awesome American Crafts corduroy 6x12 album from Treasured Memories in Edmonton. And the owner ordered in a whack of page protectors for me too!