Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Some unexpected things that have happened so far this year:

- going to buy my husband a birthday gift (Ninja Master Prep Food and Drink Maker which he showed me in the flyer at a really great price) and coming home to discover that he'd gone earlier in the day and bought it for himself.  Who goes and buys a gift for himself on his birthday??!!  Nothing a girl can do but laugh about it - and enjoy the smoothies we've made so far.

- finding cold-pressed virgin coconut oil at Winners, of all places!

- two full days of subbing and school's only been back for 2 days - so thankful for this!

- watching students that I taught in grade 3 singing, dancing and acting in "Rock of Ages', a high school theatrical production.  It was absolutely amazing and so very cool to see these kids in character, on stage, shining!  I was so very proud of every. single. person!  And I'm just the sub - imagine how proud they've made their teachers!

- time to scrapbook and nearly completing last year's December Daily project.  Thank goodness I kept good notes and lots of memorabilia.  Now I have this year's to tackle - definitely committing to doing it sooner, rather than later!  And blog posts are a huge help when it comes to remembering details.

- seeing treasures from the local thrift shops in our small town.  I am so going to check those places out!

- realizing that the grade one student who was working beside me had climbed right on to my lap!  We ended up sharing the chair instead :)

- it's January 8th - and I've written 8 blog posts so far this year!  I am impressed - and still inspired!

That makes something extra interesting that's happened to me every day so far this year!  It's going to be one very amazing year based on the way it's started.


  1. Sorry but I had to laugh over your husband beating you to the punch on the birthday gift. I've been 8 for 8 so far this year, too. Seems like quite a few of us are getting back in. Hope we can recapture that wonderful blogging community we shared back a few years ago, before fb stole us away!!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, nice to meet you!

  3. Every. Year. Leith's birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, and without fail, he goes and buys himself something with his birthday money that I've already bought him for Christmas!!!