Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Our Christmas 2012

We waited until New Year's Day to gather with our children and their families and then we had a wonderful time together.   Cousins got reacquainted and played together - after big hugs on arrival!  Good food was eaten as we gathered around the table.

Some gifts were exchanged.  Kids went sledding at the playground.  More food was eaten.  A few photos were taken.  And then hugs were exchanged again and good-byes were said.

One of the best things we did this year was to spend time during the Christmas holidays with each family in their own home.  We got to enjoy each group of grandchildren in a small intimate setting.  We gave them a few thoughtfully chosen (and sometimes created) gifts and got to watch them enjoy those gifts.  I love it when we all are gathered together but I loved this quiet, purposeful time too.

We are so very blessed by these families, their love and their presence in our lives!  It was a very good Christmas!


  1. Your table looks inviting and your celebrating sounds perfect. Love the idea of time in each of their own homes with the grands!!! We are long past that stage since our youngest is now almost 14 but I could see how perfect it would be with the youngsters. I'm going to do better about blogging & reading this year and you will certainly be one of my reads. Happy New Year dear Crystal.

  2. Now that sounds so perfect, Crystal - time with all of them to relax and focus on the individuals and then time all together. The best of all worlds! I am so glad you had such a happy time! And Happy New Year!