Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Reflecting and Resolving

Just some random thoughts as 2012 ends and a new year begins.

1.  Top 100 Recipes for 2012 according to Fave Healthy Recipes

2.  Favourite blogs:
     A Holy Experience - oh, she makes faith so real!
     To the full - creative inspiration in every post
     Averie Cooks - good food and good food photography
     Bales and Tales - life on a ranch in Oregon, written by a teacher wife
     Simple As That - great ideas and tips for awesome photography

3.  Books to look forward to:
     Cutting with Stone
     The Dogs of Winter
     The Testament of Mary
     The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

4.  Bucket list for the year coming:
     Trip to the mountains
     Camping this summer
     Summer road trip with college friends
     Quad trip
     Fruit gathering road trip with Bob

5.  For good health:
     Snowshoe in the winter, walks in the summer
     Drink more water regularly
     Continue to reduce wheat products
     Remove sugar
     Eight hours of sleep (at least sometimes!)

6.  Favourite clothes of the year:
     Banana Republic eggplant cardigan (bought at the thrift shop)
     Grey and pink sweater (for Christmas)
     White, grey and yellow scarf
     Pink hoodie
     Rust tshirt and heather grey hoodie

7.  Big events of our year:
     Peyton Mae's birth
     Malachi John's birth
     Meadow and Helayna started grade 1
     The Greens came to Alberta for 3 weeks
     Bob's parents sold their home and moved to a condo
     Maëlle turned 1
     Our growing year was awesome

8. Favourite drinks:
    Eggnog chai @ Starbucks
    Pepsi Lime
    Merry Christmas green tea from David's Tea
    Water with fresh lime
    Hot chocolate with the grandkids

9.  Favourite gift:
    A brand new Cuisinart 12L food processor - thanks, family!

10.  Best thing about today:
    Having all of our Alberta family gathered and sitting around the dinner table, playing games, opening presents, playing and enjoying each other!!

Happy, Happy 2013 to you - and you - and you!!

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  1. that is such a good list. you have such a beautiful heart. i'm so grateful you are my mama. xoxo