Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lists of 2013 - #1 - Things to Look Forward to This Year

Listography 2013 - #1 - Things to Look Forward to This Year

1.  Birthdays of our grandchildren - always fun and two of them will turn 1 this year so that's even more special.

2.  My Mom's 80th birthday in August.

3.  My sister will mark a very important birthday in June.

4.  More chickens coming earlier.

5.  Time to actually sew a quilt or two.

6.  Learning how to use and enjoy my new food processor.

7.  Lots of good books to read for book club discussions.

8.  The wedding of a very special friend and his sweet fiancee in July.

9.  Grandchildren coming for sleepovers and play dates.

10.  Our son-in-law finishing his medical residency and writing his licensing exam.

11.  Watching our nieces and nephews begin new chapters in their lives.

12.  Snowshoeing this winter and biking this summer.

13.  New technology and classes for learning more new things.

I've put together a new list of prompts and I'm looking forward to continuing this weekly list project.  I'd love to have some friends join me - just ask and I'll be glad to send my ideas for weekly writing!


  1. Many wonderful things to look forward to this year.

  2. what a great list. :) can you send the next one to me and i'll consider it?! thank you!

    can't believe grandma is 80 this year. and i know a couple grandchildren who are looking forward to some sleepovers, playdates and chickens on the farm. :)