Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lists of 2013 - #5 - Brave Things I've Done

Listography 2013 - #5 - Brave Things I've Done

1.  Retiring from my full-time teaching job

2.  Going back to university at age 38 to finish my education degree

3.  Sitting down in the tractor and learning to drive the forage cutter for grain silaging

4.  Quadding down the side of a mountain

5.  Settling into a kayak and paddling along the Nova Scotia coast

6.  Substitute teaching in junior high classrooms

7.  Driving the big tractor and feed mixer to feed beef cattle while Bob was away in Ottawa

8.  Quickly tagging baby calves while mama cows anxiously stood guard nearby

9.  Driving the big loader while towing the 2+2 tractor out of snowdrifts

10.  Gone down waterslides with our grandchildren

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  1. Awesome list. You should add driving through Taiwan and the Czech Republic/Poland, and doing so much travelling in places where you didn't speak the language. Remember when Dad didn't get on the same subway in Taiwan.... Oh the adventures we've had. Love you.