Saturday, January 05, 2013

One Little Word 2013

I thought about it - I prayed about it - I watched for it - and then it came to me!

"Hope" will be my word for 2013 and "Hopeful" will be my attitude.

I am an optimist but I'm not so much of a dreamer and sometimes I'm more "doubtful' than "hopeful".  In the last month it's been impressed on my heart that I need to live the dream, not the doubt.  So here goes to a year of "Hopeful" living!


  1. A great word for 2013. "And hope maketh not ashamed:". Romans 5:5a

  2. Perfect. A word full of promise.....

  3. this word is just perfect for you for 2013. looking forward to all God has in store for you this year. love you. xoxo