Thursday, November 01, 2012

National Blog Posting Month

Over at BlogHer, November has the distinction of being National Blog Posting Month (otherwise known as NaBloPoMo).  The idea is to write and share something every single day for the month.  I'm in!  After the busy-ness of summer and fall, I'm ready to focus on writing and sharing more.  Plus I love the idea of recording some thoughts and memories of this time in my life.  Feel free to check it out and join in - I'd love to visit you and read your posts so let me know where to find you :)

The prompt for November 1is "what's your favourite quote and why".

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Words and different ones speak to me on different days depending on my mood, what season it is and the things about which I'm praying.  I went back and looked at everything I'd collected on my board.  What a pleasant surprise to read some that I'd tucked away and forgotten about!

Many of my favourite words come from the Bible.  There are promises in Isaiah, comfort in the Psalms, words from Jesus in the gospels, and wisdom from Paul in his writings.  This quote isn't a scripture but the words speak straight to my heart.  God is always there, He loves me more than I can understand and He promises all that I need as He looks after it all.

And I also love these words.  I've always been interested in women's issues and in helping women around the world.  It's fascinating to see how women survive, work hard to support their families and what they do to make life better - all the while smiling and encouraging each other.  Perhaps it's because I have three daughters and now four granddaughters that I love so much and of whom I've so very proud that these words speak so clearly to me.  

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  1. I have WEEKS to catch up! I tell you, being in the same village but not with my computer has been extremely difficult, I am home though so I am finally getting to play catch up. I love collecting great words too, on Pinterest - and I LOVE your Good Women one!