Wednesday, November 07, 2012

NaBloPoMo #4

NaBloPoMO #4

 If you were President of the United States, what would your first act in office be?

So many needs, so many agendas, so much inequality, so many with so much and so many with so little.

I wish there was a way to equalize things so that everyone could have the resources to meet their needs for food, shelter, education and healthcare.

Could I wipe out poverty and provide hope for those who are marginalized and on the fringe of society?  To provide opportunities and hope for women, their children and families would be my first act in office.  How to do it?  I have no idea except I do know that prayer can accomplish anything.

 It makes me sad and somewhat angry that so much of government is controlled by big business and people who's agendas are motivated by profit, with no consideration of ethics or morals.  I believe there are enough resources in the world but they are not distributed and available to all.   When it's politics and power interfering I wish there could be great big sweeping changes.


  1. You last paragraph says it all. Unless the desire for power and/or greed is tempered, I cannot see simple ways ahead, although I would cheerfully knock some heads together and tell them to grow up and stop behaving like children. Oh, and this applies here too, of course!

    1. Oh, you make me smile! Yes - it's true in Canada too and it really is global, I suppose. Sometimes it makes me wonder if God doesn't look down and contemplate sending another flood so He can have us start over and try again!
      This was my first foray into 'political writing' - simple as it is! You are much bolder and forthright with your writing - which always inspires me. Thanks for reading and commenting, Linds.