Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saturday in the Greenhouse

For something completely different today, here's a look at the middle of October in our yard.  I did a quick walk one afternoon and captured a last look at autumn.

Cranberries still hanging

I love the textures in the dried zinnias

1 pumpkin still hiding in the grass

Bright green mint crawling everywhere

Dried sunflower heads

And by the next morning, this had happened -

Which meant that I had to get into the greenhouse for a final picking and cleanup!

Things were still growing

and slowly ripening

which meant I had all these tomatoes to pick!

Greenhouse almost ready for winter  

and my very dark chlorophyll-stained hand
at the end of the day!

And that's all she wrote for gardening this year!
In just 4 months it will be time to plant seeds again!
I'm not quite excited about that yet -
maybe after 4 more months of winter I'll feel different :)

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