Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4755 - #4795

- whole school assembly quietly hearing about an amazing father and son, the Hoyt family
- quiet hallways
- arms to carry things
- grocery sales
- finding small Christmas gifts

- leftovers
- chocolate covered donut :)
- green tomato salsa finally finished
- new pyjamas for the grands
- gluing paper together to make cards

- Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to fill
- birthday gift collected
- days of subbing
- book club gatherings
- lively discussion and a pool of ideas

- apple cider
- podcast of WE Day
- singing "Happy Birthday" over the phone
- new words from Maƫlle
- meeting Meadow at the door when she comes home from school

- baking cookies with little helpers
- watching them lick the spoon just like my kids did
- Olympic themed birthday party, complete with games and national anthems
- photos of Helayna throughout the last year
- birthday cake

- holding Peyton - she's grown so much!
- Jolly Jumper bouncing as she practices her moves
- Halloween outfits and decorations
- grilled cheese sandwiches with basil and tomatoes (thanks, D & K!)
- beautiful warm sunshine melting snow

- Monday mornings at home
- putting away garden vegetables in muffins, sauce and relish
- bags of grated carrots carried to the freezer
- all the dishes washed
- Halloween treat bags to share

- daily devotions and scriptures
- switching the radio from awful news reports to praise music
- His protection while traveling on icy roads
- His word and the promises in it
- talking about what this means for us and how to be wise stewards

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