Monday, November 26, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4832 - #4902

- Christmas pyjamas washed and waiting for the grandchildren
- little piles of sewing finished
- sifting through my bins of fabric
- a bed with warm covers
- getting better after being sick

- wheat pack on my toes
- cold ginger ale
- fresh pumpkin granola
- working steadily in the kitchen
- cleaning day

- friends gathered
- Beads for Life
- ibuprofen
- dusted shelves
- visiting with my sister

- Christmas mugs and plates
- slow cooker full of chai tea
- pumpkin hummus
- washed floors
- Christmas shopping - in my home!

- sun rising golden onto a frosty day
- full day of subbing
- wedding rings
- baked barbecue chicken legs
- picking Bob up at the airport

- sleeping fast!
- winter morning sunrise
- Bible study group gathered in our home
- long visits
- afternoon nap with Blake and Maƫlle

- lunch with my sister
- childhood stories shared around the supper table
- celebrating birthdays
- online sermons by Timothy Kellor
- beautiful table settings

- Sunday afternoon visits with 1 grandchild at a time
- making things together
- sharing lunch, just us 3
- guitar worship music
- little ones going out to skate in the dark

- late afternoon call to sub in home ec
- red cranberries hanging on the trees for the birds
- shelves full of jars with summer produce
- senior high foods students making perogies and pies
- laundry folded

- bags sewed for Christmas giving
- planning gift giving
- napping in the fort made of quilts
- walking to and from school with Meadow
- pizza from the local restaurant

- making Christmas cookies
- snuggling in front of the roaring fire
- baking shortbread men, 1 for each cousin
- snowshoeing around the yard with Blake
- taking photos

- watching them at gymnastics
- shortbread and chocolate peanut clusters for the freezer
- a day to sleep in
- big pot of soup
- croissant sandwiches

- amazing health care workers and doctors
- leftovers
- reading "The Hobbit"
- more fabric cutting
- celebrating Christ the King Sunday

- Christmas baskets coming together
- getting out the Advent candles
- marvelling that He chose to give His only son
- reading Mary's story, prep for next week's Sunday School lesson
- making a conscious choice to spend less, make more, share often and love fully


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  2. What an awesome list. I love the last one in particular - spend less, make more, share often and love fully .. I would add give more too. Great meeting you and reading your list.

  3. Love your list. You are such a busy lady, but you always seem to enjoy it all. Wish you were over at my house to help with Christmas baking and making. I love doing it, but just need someone to help motivate me. And maybe a little more sleep!

  4. Such a lovely list. And so many that I wish to comment on, yet I'd be here all day! Ha! Visiting with your grandchildren one at a time was interesting, since you left the comment for me about having eight total. Thank you for sharing your blessings and encouragement!