Saturday, August 04, 2012

This Week

Accomplished this week:

- an afternoon of sewing with a friend
- daily watering of many, many plants
- picked 6 pails of saskatoons
- picked 5 pails of raspberries
- made 8 jars of raspberry jam
- toured my dad and mom's garden
- came home with a veggie box from that garden
- fed umpteen pails of grain to the hungry chickens
- gave grandchildren 2 baths in one afternoon!
- took a quad ride through the pasture
- spent a day with 3 busy little ones
- had supper with Bob's family
- grocery shopping
- trip to library to pick up 5 books - like I have time to read!
- new haircut and colour
- dug and gave away potatoes and beets many times
- fell into bed exhausted every night :)

It's been a slice - and the weekend should be even better!

1 comment:

  1. You have been very busy enjoying this long and beautiful summer days and nights. Can't wait to eat some of that garden goodness. We had raspberries with cream and maple sugar tonight...I told Samuel it was your favourite way to have berries. He's ready to have some with you when we're out. Btw, what are you reading these days?