Thursday, August 09, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #31

Listography 2012 - #31 - Places I've Gone This Week

- my Mom and Dad's house
- my childhood church, St. Peter's Lutheran
- my Dad's birthday celebration
- the greenhouse to water plants
- the garden to pick beans, peas and berries
- swimming at the pool
- McDonald's - the grandchildren were hungry after swimming :)
- our granddaughter's baptism
- the poultry processing plant - our first 100 chickens are freezer ready
- Olive Garden for lunch with 5 of my college friends
- Costco to pay our membership and get some groceries
- The Bay to check out Olympic gear (not much left!)
- Sears to replace some intimates :)
- Soft Moc for a pair of sandals on a very good sale
- Princess Auto to buy Magic tape and pry bars for Bob to use in the shop
- the Ponoka Fair to judge exhibits

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  1. so glad we got to join you for several of the places on your list this week. :) thanks for having us. hope the chicken round-up and getting them into freezers was successful.