Friday, August 17, 2012

Creative Writing

Today's prompt at the Creativity Portal -

If I had one week to live,

I would gather my family close by and bask in their love and energy.
I would take all of us on a travel experience and
 I would watch the little ones at Disneyland, sharing their excitement and glee at the rides and the characters and the fun.
I would take a million pictures of us so they could look back on our time together.
I would play with them in the ocean and on the slides and in the sprays of fountains and pools.
I would eat all of my favourites - pizza and chocolate and fruit and bread and dessert.
I would listen to their sweet voices and emboss the sounds on my heart.
I would bury my nose in their hair and their creases, smelling their sweetness - the little ones and the big ones.
I would cuddle them all close, covering them in kisses and hugs, day and night.
I would lean on my Saviour for comfort as we lived our good-byes.

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