Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ten Things

A little challenge from SouleMama today - what 10 things are you loving right now?

1.  A little sewing project created as a result of my friend, Audrey's, wish to sew something together this summer.  Can't show you more because it's a gift - I think!

2.  Fresh berries

3.  Pictures sent via email

4.  Growing things

5.  Books to read

6.  Cooked beets - ready for soup or salad or sauce

7.  Tomatoes growing

8.  Flowers

9.  Haircut and color

10.  Happy chickens roaming

1 comment:

  1. what a great list! i'm curious about that project you are sewing - love the colours!

    and my guess for #3 is one adorable photo we got of peyton. what a doll, hey?! she's changed SO much since her shower.