Friday, August 10, 2012

38 Years

38 years ago I spent a year  (actually 8 months) with these women -
and we can pick up right where we left off in the blink of an eye!

By the numbers we -
are 5 teachers + 1 pharmacist (can you guess which one that is?)
have 14 children
have 12 grandchildren
embraced 1 newlywed!
have survived some health scares and losses
still have 3 go to work regularly
have 1 is a jet-setter (that's what her business card says!)
can still talk up a storm
laugh a lot and have right from the beginning
lived together in residence and later some of us shared an apartment
drank cups and cups of tea years ago
have been bridesmaids for each other
colour our hair - except for 1 brave soul!
think we'd study something different if we went to university again - except for one of us!
have travelled to many places
last had lunch together 8 years ago - how in the world can that be???
need to round up 3 who couldn't join us this time
are still friends!!

The bond of living together in a college residence is a powerful thing.  I grew to know and love these women as if they were my sisters.  And even though we don't see each other or even talk often we are still close, close friends.  Seeing them together yesterday was wonderful!   Thanks, Girls!  Let's do it again next summer :)


  1. Wow, that's so neat to get together and catch up. I value so much those friendships where we can just pick up where we left off regardless of how many years have passed.

  2. so glad you had such a great time together! what a gift to have friends like that and i'm just amazed that you've kept up your friendships all these years.