Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #32

Listography 2012 - #32 - If I Could I Would

1.  make sure that everyone in the world had enough food every day.

2.  have peace and tolerance on earth.

3.  help Compassion with major projects around the world.

4.  renovate our bathroom.

5.  take our whole family to Disneyland.

6.  travel to every state in the US.

7.  go to visit my blog friend, Linds, in Great Britain.

8.  visit Antarctica and Australia (then I will have visited all 7 continents!)

9.  take each of our grandchildren on a major trip as a high school graduation celebration.

10.  pay off every. single. penny. that. we. owe.

11.  learn to speak French and Spanish fluently.

12.  deliver shoeboxes with Operation Christmas Child.

13.  learn to play guitar.

14.  find a cure for cancer and other diseases like MS and Parkinson's.

15.  implement universal education and universal health care.

16.  teach in Afghanistan or Mongolia.

17.  have a year-round greenhouse.

18.  have a weekly cleaning service come to our house.

19.  hire a professional to re-do our patio and landscaping.

20.  have full-grown trees on our front lawn (so we could sit in their shade).


  1. i kinda just want to copy and paste your whole list (minus a few) and use it for mine. :)

    1. You've already done a few of mine like #12! I could have written your list too - we are family, I guess :) Love you!!