Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4512 - #4552 - July 31 - August 6, 2012

- asking for forgiveness
- resting in Him when I feel hopeless
- words that leap right out of the sermon to speak to me
- that He loves me so much and cares for me
- worship music

- blank pages of a new journal
- white chickens wandering on green grass
- big jug of milk
- haircut
- de-humidifier drying out the basement

- stack of books from the library
- 3 gifts eaten: raspberries with brown sugar and cream, saskatoons fresh from the bush, all our own garden grown vegetables at suppertime
- bright yellow-orange pumpkin flowers
- grain beginning to ripen
- pink, stripey petunias

- freshly mown grass
- yellow beans to pick
- tall tomato plants hanging with green globes
- 2 pails of saskatoons cleaned and spread on cookie sheets to freeze
- groceries to fill the fridge and cupboard

- conversation with siblings
- sweet peas, my Dad's favourite flower
- my childhood church and the foundation I gained there
- cuddling Peyton
- supper with family

- listening to vacation stories
- helpers to make alot of potato salad!
- care packages to send home
- freshly made beds
- floors vacuumed, cupboards clean, dishes put away - our home

- sitting under the trees on a summer afternoon
- birthday celebrations
- the respect my father has in his community
- stories from years past
- watching him with the great-grandchildren

- words of honour given to him as gifts
- Mom's pies
- pastures of cattle grazing
- a sermon about finding manna in our wildernesses
- this little light - one life lived for Him

(catching up slowly - the lists are recorded but not posted)

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