Saturday, August 25, 2012

At the Fair

Judging at local fairs is one of the rites of summer for me.  I love seeing the baking, sewing, crocheting, quilting and photography that so many people have done over the year.   I admire the (mostly) seniors who are still showing their projects and volunteering to see that the bench shows are held.   And I applaud the young men and women that are becoming involved in their communities in this way too.

My mom always encouraged us to exhibit things in the local fair and our years in the local 4-H clubs helped too.  My still packs up the car with all kinds of baking, canning, handiwork and garden samples to enter.  She amazes me!  And now we often meet at other fairs and judge at opposite ends of the hall.  Important note to self:  I must take a picture of the two of us together next summer!

Let me show you some of what I've seen at fairs this summer!

There's always great baking.

This painting is really beautiful.

In the "All Things Christmas" section, this tiny creche' with molded figures
was also awarded the best of section ribbon. 

Great photographs are some of my favourite exhibits.

And then there are the quilts - 

of all sizes -

from baby crib

to king size-

in every pattern you can imagine!

The detail on needlepoint makes for exquisite designs.

There are beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits 
in the horticulture section to admire too.

And in this town, outdoor gardens and yards 
are judged as well.  The winning yard had a beautiful 
outdoor fireplace and living area - it looked so inviting!

So there you have a little walk through a day at the fair.  If your community has one, I highly recommend a visit to check it out and then encourage you to participate next year.  

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