Sunday, April 01, 2012

Saturday in the Greenhouse 2

Since I last wrote, we've had some cool temperatures and snow and then this week it finally seems like spring has arrived.   Daytime temperature inside the greenhouse has been up to +90 C and the vent and door have been open for awhile every afternoon.

I planted tomatoes, herbs and peppers into the seedling trays.  So far the tomatoes are up and the peppers are just peeking through.   It could be a scary thing transplanting these guys if they all grow!

Have you looked at seeds in the store lately?  Oh, my - the choices!  There was a whole line of new packages just for container gardens and Livingstone Seeds now has see-through packets so you can see how many seeds you are buying.   These little guys are a treat for my Dad, who loves sweet peas.

Strawberry Sundae Sweet Peas

Starry Night Sweet Peas

And our big project this week was planting more than 150 potatoes into bags!  There was a lot of mixing of dirt, filling of bags and shuffling to get them all settled inside the greenhouse.  They are growing like crazy already!

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